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Honoring your Mental Health While Creating Content

Whether you’re a business owner, a creator, or any type of entrepreneur, adapting to the new world of social media can be stressful. Don’t get us wrong creating content is extremely fun and rewarding however, constantly creating content takes a toll on one’s mental health at times.

That’s why it’s so important to show up authentically, take care of yourself, and create from a place of intention and soulfulness instead of viewing creating as a chore.

Here are 3 *key* ways to honor your mental health while creating content for your personal brand or business:

  1. Schedule breaks from social media. As creators, entrepreneurs and business owners, it may feel at times like we need to be glued to our screens in order to not “miss out”. If you’re reading this, this is your sign that it’s okay to unplug, to take a break, and to make time for what is good for you! After all we are human beings, not machines pumping out content and that is where our uniqueness lies.

  2. Create what feels right, don’t feel like you have to fit in or create the “right” content at the “right” time. It’s important to realize that when it comes to YOUR own branding or business, there’s no such thing as the “correct” type of content, although we can definitely feel that way sometimes! We may feel rushed, especially with what content or audios are trending at the moment, but creating for yourself holistically and doing what is right for you at the moment will go further than forcing yourself to create what is trending!

  3. Create for yourself not for others. This is the one! There’s an incredible amount of pressure to create content for everyone but ourselves, especially when we are starting out and want to build our audience. However, it’s important to acknowledge that you are a huge part of your brand or project and it’s you who will keep your audience engaged…you are the soul of your project, and creating content for yourself will be more fulfilling as well as give yourself space to be authentic and intentional!

It’s so important to be kind to yourself and create space for yourself and your mental health, even as a creative or an entrepreneur. After all, we cannot pour from an empty vessel. If these points resonated with you, consider giving us a follow on Instagram or Tiktok @thegroundedcreative to learn more about creating with intention and soulful entrepreneurship!

Special credits to Chanelle Mendes for the copywriting magic and positive attitude she brings to The Grounded Creative!


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